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OCTOBER 6th 2008

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Each school will have the stories for an hour and video/email contact will be exchanged between schools so that students can introduce themselves and discuss favourite books. The students are aged 11-12 years old. Two students will work on each story, so 10 pupils from each school are taking part simultaneously before the completed chapters move to the next school for the work on the following chapter. The closing chapters will be written by English teachers at Woolwich Polytechnic, the school at which Mrs Humphrey is LRC Manager.

"By using online tools, Internet and video links, we have a way to connect schools and students in real time that was unheard of in previous generations. We hope that they will not only learn from their peers in other cultures but have great fun doing it too,” Mrs Nikki Heath, School Librarian of the year who is collaborating with Mrs Humphrey on the project added.

The idea was very well received. Mrs Humphrey admitted,” The positive response from librarians around the world was overwhelming, and we could have involved ten times the number of people this time around.