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OCTOBER 6th 2008

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October 6th International School Libraries Day Global Project organised
by a British Librarian and supported by Five Acclaimed Children’s Authors: The Write Path.

From Stockport to Saigon, a British librarian is managing a global creative writing day for eleven schools on October 6th International School Libraries Day.

The Write Path has been set up by a British school librarian to give over 100 aspiring young writers the chance to work collaboratively with fellow 11-12 year olds around the world and five published authors and to encourage many more to ‘have a go’ at writing. 

 “The Internet will enable young writers from different continents to meet, work together and learn from one another,” says Beverley Humphrey, founder of The Write Path, LRC Manager and Librarian at Woolwich Polytechnic School, London. "Five established authors have donated the opening chapters to five short stories and our pupils are very excited about carrying on from them."